About Us

About Us

Who are we?


First of all, our adventure started in Istanbul in 1986. Although we initially started this business to maintain our lives, we continued on our way by adopting our work over time. Over the years, we have always adopted the goal of going one step higher in our business. We tried not to stay in the same part of a job all the time. First we started in workshops, then we set up our own workshop. After furthering the workshop experience, we improved ourselves in technical service.

When this sector in Istanbul reached the level of competence for us, we decided to go to Russia due to the developments in the textile network in Russia and we are currently serving in Russia.

We are improving thanks to the feedback of our customers. And we will continue to evolve...


What Are Our Services?

In our 2 stores in Russia;

• Stoll and Shima Knitting Machines,

• Kms and Kmf Connection Machines,

• Sewing and Overlock Machines such as Jack, Siruba

We sell all spare parts and machines.

We can supply all kinds of materials you need in the field of textile with the companies we have contracted with in Turkey.